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Welcome to the Media Cooks. There has been an overly long time with little activity on this end. However we have been busy fighting to get our name back and finding a new host for the site.

So for now all you can really do is go to a couple of our other hosted sites while we do some clean up and error checking to make sure our new host will work and that the transfer went well.

The Generic Opinion?

- Read the Original, The Daily and The Generic Opinion?

- An old independent paper reworked for the web.

- Articles, reviews, poetry, stories and a few other oddities.

Doug Paterson’s Web Site

- Fossil images.

- The 1979 Solar Eclipse in Saskatchewan.

- Minerals under the microscope. Images.

The AWP Recipe Database

- Recipe database with hundreds of recipes.

- Basic information on cooking.

- Conversion information and calculators.

Media Cooks Software

- Games, Utilities and other software

- They are all free however many of the games do not work on windows 7. They seem to be fine on XP though.